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Image by Indre Byto

Every big thing grew from something small.

Gnome Home and Gardens is the culmination of many seeds of ideas planted throughout a lifetime. Sometimes it’s not enough to stop and smell the roses, sometimes you’re better off planting the roses yourself.  

When I was young, I often found my happiness in a book, in a movie, or in a plant. Most often my head was lost in the clouds wandering in my imagination with Frodo in a journey to destroy a ring or going down a rabbit hole in search of a talking rabbit in a waistcoat.  The times I would return to the real world, I would find myself happiest in the sun, my hands covered in warm, soft loamy soil. Watching as the seeds I planted grow and flower. At times I feel like Willy Wonka, and while you won’t always see the gnomes working for me, much as you would Willy’s Oompa Loompas, you can trust that they are busy at work, getting ready to help you make your dreamlike landscape. 

Gnome Home and Garden is a celebration of fantasy and horticulture. We will endeavor to bring you all sorts of plants from natives to exotics, but most importantly we will try to bring plants from the pages and ages into reality to help you create your own dream gardens.  

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